Mendóza 2018, Nature comunications.


Many of the activities we do every day depends on the ability to accurately process over time. For example, processing time intervals are involved in the perception of rhythm in music or control the interception of moving targets. In the laboratory we are interested in determining the neurophysiological bases of time estimation in cortico-thalamic circuit-basal ganglia of primates.





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Monkeys can follow simple rhythms

Press article in UNAM newspaper about our recent research (in Spanish)


Last article about neural trajectories in temporal processingin in PLOS Biology by Jorge Gámez

Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM campus Juriquilla.
Boulevard Juriquilla 3001
Querétaro, Qro. 76230, México.
Laboratorio Neurofisiología de sistemas en primates.
Lab B15.
Phone: 52 (55) 5623 40 40, (442) 238 10 40  
fax: (5255) 56 23 4005

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